Fetal Clinic

Why Choose ADI ?

ADI’s Advanced centre for fetal care specialises in different screening tests, detecting even the rarest anomalies, growth disorders and also fetal therapies and there by striving to save as many babies as possible. In pregnancies with bad obstetric history or previous genetic disorder , ADI’s Fetal Care team start with preconception counselling, genetic counselling and testing and management of complications.

ADI’s Fetal Care Services

ADI’s Fetal Care provides to two different stages of services according to the requirement and the condition of the patient.

Fetal scans directed designed for specific weeks during pregnancy to check the growth and development of the Fetal and to detect abnormalities if any

1. Early Pregnancy Scan (8 to 10 Weeks)
2. Nuchal Translucency Scan(11 to 14 Weeks)
3. Routine Anamoly Scan (18 to 20 Weeks)
4. Targeted Level III Anomaly Scan (For Suspected Fetal Abnormalities Second Opinion)
5. Fetal ECHO( From 12 Week Onwards)
6. Targeted Neuro-Sonogram (For Suspected CNS Anomalies)
7. Fetal Well Being Scans (Anytime during pregnancy)
8. Fetal Growth Scan (26 Week Onwards)
9. Fetal Biophysical Profile and Fetal Doppler Studies (BPP) (For Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction)
10. 3D and 4D Ultrasound (Anytime during pregnancy)

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